Product Collection

Cole & Mason products are designed with our passion for cooking and great flavour. Whether it's a simple dinner or a celebratory feast we provide the right seasoning equipment that can make all the difference.
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Oil & Vinegar

Our range of oil and vinegar dispensers satisfy a broad range of culinary needs, from infusions to healthy cooking, giving you control over ingredients and as such the ability to drizzle, pour or lightly coat food. All developed with our passion for design and performance which add to the pleasure of preparing, cooking, serving and enjoying food.

Herbs & Spices

For cooks who relish the flavour of just ground ingredients and want to blend their own creations. Our range of speciality mills, pestle and mortars and spice racks will inspire your cooking to make the most of the flavour in fresh ingredients whilst adding style to your kitchen.

Salt & Pepper

At Cole & Mason we have almost a century of experience behind us in salt and pepper mills. Our uncompromising standards of performance, style and flavour delivery are reflected throughout our range, from simple shakers to our manual and electronic mills and our ceramic keepers. The development of our Gourmet Precision Range of mills has given precise seasoning to many kitchens.